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The Challenge

Schools may be pubic in Mexico, but education is far from free of cost. After noting this problem in 1995, Fr. Matt Foley, working in an exchange program/mission from the Archdiocese of Chicago to Mexico, decided to get some financial help from friends and relatives back in the states to help fill this gap for many of the needy children in these isolated villages of Guerrero. Lack of family affordability was preventing students from attending school.Thanks to generous donations, what began with Fr. Matt providing some school supplies has now grown to include approximately 750 students. These small amounts of assistance are called becas. This “scholarship” funding helps provide tuition, school supplies, uniforms, books, transportation, and special fees which are needed for the parents to be able to send and keep their children in school. That is our challenge and goal amidst the poverty that is a reality of this region - to foster and promote education amongst the children of all ages in Guerrero, and long term, to break a cycle of poverty. We hope some of these students will return to their village communities and share they educational blessings.


Totals and Support

Our financial assistance provides scholarship help from pre-school, primary and secondary levels, a special needs school (CAM - Centro del Attention Multiple) to technical training or high school levels with funding coming from two annual appeals. Total scholarship funding has climbed to $80,000 annually. To help in whatever way you can, please consider a donation via this page (red button). 


The distribution of funding to student recipients from 24 mountain villages is captured at registration time and is summarized in the chart below.

Number of Students Receiving Becas:
Screenshot (76).png
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